Effective communication to get your message across all around the world.

SPECTRA provides highly skilled interpreters, who work with the same thoroughness, consideration and dedication that we put into producing our translations.

Professional interpreters

Our large database of highly skilled interpreters, each with a great breadth of knowledge and expertise, allows us to carefully select the person with the relevant expertise for a particular assignment.

Types of interpreting

At present we mainly offer liaison interpreting. This is the most commonly used method of interpreting and is especially useful for business or client meetings. The speaker pauses regularly in his/her speech to allow the interpreter to render the interpretation.

We also organise simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting. These methods are used frequently at conferences, for example, where interpreters sit in a booth and listen to the speaker through headphones and interpret the speech as it unfolds.

Recent cases:

French: Full day business excursion to a local distillery for a group of French businessmen.

Japanese: Business meeting with a large medical company.

Our interpreters are friendly, skilled professionals who never fail to impress our clients!